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Weekend POA – Get On A Boat And Head To Mandwa

After a tough week at work I wish all I could do is head to Goa for some fun in the sun, water sports, the beach and chilled beer over the weekend. Yes, I’d love to live the beach life,

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Learn To Sail Programmes In India

Has the sport of sailing been on your mind? There are many sailing schools and clubs all over India that conduct training programs for adults and kids [above 15 years of age] in sailing. For kids under 15 years, sailing sessions and camps

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Building Your Custom Boat In India

If you have a boat in mind, you are sure to find a boat builder in India who not only offers an excellent and sturdy design but also competent pricing! Boat manufacturers in India give you the opportunity to own the ideal yacht at a

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Water Sports : The Fun Way To Get You Fit And Toned

Did you know that people who take to the water enjoy their workouts more than those who stick to dry land. By providing low-impact resistance, water keeps you from quickly fatiguing, so you can work out longer for bigger burns and

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Cooking On A Boat – Tips And Tricks!

We do believe that ‘everything tastes better on the water’ and when you possess a love for boating and sharing a meal with friends, you know it is absolutely linked! The challenges of cooking on the waves are not only about high winds

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Fishing In North Goa With The Cassan Barramagic & The Cassan Brute 40lb

The Cassan Barramagic Lure from Cassan is the most promising lure for shallow water trolling along the coast and also for casting from the rocks and in estuaries effective for a variety of predator species like the Barramundi, mangrove jack,

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Discover The Secrets Of Seychelles, Your Next Yacht Charter Destination

The diversity of the Seychelles landscape rushes up to greet you the moment your aircraft begins its descent! The Seychelles islands boast a huge array of activities ranging from thrilling water adventures to hiking trails through the thick island jungles and

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Zayak Sea Sled – See What You’ve Been Missing!

The Zayak® Sea Sled is a unique HIGH VISIBILITY PLATFORM that allows you to float in calm, clear waters and view, or photograph, the underwater environment. Fresh water or salt water: rivers, lakes, gulfs, bays, oceans and tidal pools; any