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Explore Sailing – Become A Member At A Yacht Club

Sailing club conducts training programs for their members where adults and kids can learn sailing. Sailing is a unique activity, instantly refreshing and invigorating, a sport that is both recreational and competitive. Yacht clubs provide amazing opportunities for entertainment with

Because Everyone Enjoys A Cottage Near The Beach!

In our new category Boutique Villas and Home stays we bring you to the coast – it has so much to offer, and when you set sail to explore the harbour or venture out along the coastline, pay a visit to

Our New Catergory ‘Coastal Eateries’ Explores Mouthwatering Cuisine Around The Harbour

Treat your taste buds to the best of restaurants around the Mumbai harbour or sail across to enjoy coastal malwani cuisine in Mandwa Alibaug! Whether you are having a yacht party, packing for a picnic on the beach or simply

Top 10 Fishing Destinations in India

With abundant coastlines and rivers, India is an ideal destination for fishing. Fish forms an important part of many cuisines and huge fish markets dominate almost every big city and town. Indians are even accustomed to hearing “is this a

Rodman MUSE 50 – Endless Space, Infinite Possibilities

The newest member of the MUSE family, the 50, inherits the seduction and character of the range, continuing the theme of elegance, spaciousness and seaworthiness. Designer of the MUSE range, Fulvio de Simoni, emphasises the importance of the fusion of

IBI – South African Yacht Designer Signs Deal With Indian Firm XS Marines

US-based Dudley Dix will introduce his racing and cruising designs to the Indian market through an agreement with XS Marines. The South African yacht designer is reporting increased demand from India, considered the ‘sleeping giant’ of global boat building. US-based Dudley Dix last week

Learning The Ropes With Fairwinds, Mumbai’s Oldest Sailing School

“Sailing is the supreme sport. In fact, it’s more a way of life than a sport. Every aspect has it’s own fascination… Sailing sharpens the senses and heightens the appetite, that whiff of sea air and the splash of the