XS Marines Presents A Sea Change In Seabird Sailing In India

Over the last four years XS Marines has brought about a change in  SEABIRD  sailing in the Mumbai harbor and this has also spread to Chennai. XS Marines started by  modernizing the deck and internal layout of the existing Seabird

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Explore, Dream, Discover With JJ Boats – Launched By West Coast Marine Yacht Sevices

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your

Sea Kayaker Sandy In India 4
Sea Kayaker Sandy Gets Set For Stage 3 – India to Srilanka

Sandy Robson is all set to begin stage 3 of her kayak expedition from Germany to Australia by kayak. The third Stage will begin with a crossing of Palk Strait from India to Sri Lanka.  For that she heads off

trout fly fishing india
Go Fly Fishing – At the Right Place At The Right Time

Fishing at the right time is very critical for a successful fishing trip. Even if you have the best fishing spot and all the right equipment, you may not catch anything if you fish at the wrong time. The best

BIC Beats The Summer Heat!

As the summer approaches prepare yourselves to enjoy the holidays with your family with latest watersports equipment from BIC Sports, France. Go out Kayaking with our wide range of HDPE single seater or Double seater Kayaks. Now we even have

global digital statistics 2014
Digital Trends for 2014 From The Guys At ‘We Are Social’

35% of the world’s population, that’s 2.5 billion people – are online, 1.8 billions are on social networks, north America has 81% internet penetration, top social networks added 135 million users in 2013, Facebook now has 1.184 billion users and

Add Some Zing To Your Holiday In Goa With Yacht Charters

Aquamarine Yacht Charters & Management Pvt Ltd hereby known as Aquamarine India is a Goa based yacht charter and management firm with branches in Mumbai, Cochin & network spreading across major destinations across the country. Evolved with the sole idea

Boating Destinations To Visit Between Mumbai & Goa!

Explore the west coast from Mumbai to Goa with Marine Solutions and experience beautiful yachting destinations along the Indian coast! Sea fort views, fish thalis and of course some of the state’s best beaches… why fly straight to Goa when