Learning The Ropes With Fairwinds, Mumbai’s Oldest Sailing School

“Sailing is the supreme sport. In fact, it’s more a way of life than a sport. Every aspect has it’s own fascination… Sailing sharpens the senses and heightens the appetite, that whiff of sea air and the splash of the

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bic sup ambassador india ss marine
Introducing The BIC SUP Ambassadors – Incredible Motivators

The best way to influence and motivate others is by actually doing and setting an example for them. The BIC SUP ambassadors lead an incredible lifestyle and we always turn to them for our bit of upliftment. So, here’s sharing a story

woman relaxing on the beach in the Caribbean
A Day On A Beach In Mandwa, Alibaug

Get ready to pack that picnic basket, summer is here! And if you want to spend a day at a secluded beach, your ideal destination is not as far as you think. All you need to do is get to

xs marines seabird xs63 mumbai hyderabad 4
The Second Seabird XS63 Launched For The Yacht Club Of Hyderabad

The gaff rigged Seabird designed by Morgan Giles in 1920 has recently evolved from a wooden clinker hull to a modern open transom carvel hull, the Seabird XS63. In keeping with changes in modern sailing boats, XS Marines has given the

buy sailboat india mumbai 2
The Best Place To Own A Yacht In India – GOA!

Location. Location. Location! Everybody likes their “home waters” but facts are facts; some places are nicer than others. Maybe it’s the water or the land that contains it. Perhaps it’s the people, or maybe the lack of them? Easy access? That can

underi kayaking the konkan coast 1
Vibhav Mariwala’s Trip to Underi – Exploring the Abandoned

Underi was a naval base of the Maratha Empire, a fort that held out against England for decades. A once integral checkpoint for trade in the Konkan and a stunning palace, but now, an abandoned, ruined, overrun marine fort. This is what

fishing camping india goa 3
How To Hook, Cook And Book Your Fish While Camping

Spring is here and its the best time to get outdoors and go camping! Fishing is a great way to spend a leisurely day and the first bite of fresh fish can be unforgettable, especially when you’re the one who has caught it. We love

seabin project 4
The Seabin Is Here To Tackle The Plastic Soup!

The ocean is filled with eight million tonnes of rubbish – enough to fill five carrier bags for every foot of coastline on the planet. But a new invention could tackle this problem, one port at a time. A pair of surfers