Boat Storage Facilities Go Vertical With Latest Technology!

A marina often suffices and offers safe berthing of boats but many times indoor rack storage is desired by boat owners and marinas to protect vessels from extreme weather conditions. A machine launches boats which are stored in a dry-stack

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J Boats Together With RMYC Promote Green Boating In India

Earlier this year, members of RMYC created CLUB J/80 and put on a show with the Indian Coast Guard Service and the Tamilnadu Marine Police during the Chennai Waterfront Festival.  The messaging was- to promote sailing as an “eco-friendly, green

boat show 2
International Boat Shows – A Must Visit, Here’s Why

Make sure you have a visit to an international boat show on your to-do list this year! One of the best and biggest boat shows are coming up in Europe and the West. Boat Shows gives one an opportunity to

Sailing Terminology & Fun Trivia For Intermediate Sailors

Intermediate sailing is aimed at anyone who already has the basics and would like to progress a bit further and maybe do a bit of racing. A little knowledge on sailing terms as well as interesting sailing tactics also come

boating tips 1
Tips For Boaters – How To Use Your Boat More Efficiently

We know that even the most seasoned boater has things to learn, so we put some interesting facts together to help boost your boating knowledge. We would love to have input from you also, so please feel free to add

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River Kayaking – The Ultimate Water Sport Of The Monsoons!

Many people put off kayaking during in the monsoon because the waters are too high, and yes they are, but with a country with over 6,000 rivers – there is always something to paddle. For those who want to experience

regal 2800 bowrider 2
Agile, Versatile, Luxurious – The All New Regal Bow Riders

Regal is redefining what a Bow Rider can be with their all new range of boats this season. Explore the 2800 sports, she has a luxurious and spacious cockpit that rewards with it’s features and versatility. Details such as hand-stitched

Pre-owned Boats And Yachts For Sale In India

Although the boating season is coming to an end, the market is slowly opening up for new purchases in India. This means that there are numerous used boats and yachts available at exciting deals if you are looking at buying