Will Mumbai Ever Get A Marina ?

When will Mumbai be home to a marina? That is a question which has been the focal point for the past decade in the leisure boating industry.  A point that has been much discussed and debated over.  Although it has

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Millionaire Asia India Yacht Page
Sailing On High Notes – Millionaire Asia (India) Article

Pure relaxation. Pure adventure. That is what it means to charter a yacht for an ultimate seagoing experience. Often people wonder; once you are on a yacht where does the day take you? From the gentle beginnings in St Tropez,

paragliding temple pilots india yacht page 1
Paragliding – Minimise Your Fear Maximise Your Fun

If you are a traveler at heart, a seeker and life’s friend at large, longing for new friendships and laughter, sharing the joys of love and light then… Paragliding is for you! Paragliding is the closest humans can get to the

A Voyage To Muscat From Bombay And Back!

The ultimate dream of every sailor is to make an ocean passage atleast once in lifetime. Leaving behind the safe harbour, sailors cherish the thrill of heading out into the open sea, away from the crowd, in search of a

sab 1
Kite Surfing In The Deep South – Are You Ready To Take That Sabbatical?

Have you ever thought of doing something someday? India Yacht Page connected with Dhwani, the spunky and spirited girl who took a six month sabbatical from work, routine and reality. She decided to do that something – everyday. In these

Magical Yacht Charter Holidays Around Incredible India

Do you visualize staring at a bright blue ocean in a stress-free way as you sail aboard a yacht? Yacht Charters around Incredible India is definitely a dream come true for travellers. On a yacht holiday you can anticipate exceptional

dilip Donde 5
Cdr. Dilip Donde Recounts His Epic Voyage In A Book

In May 2010, Commander Dilip Donde became the first Indian to complete a solo circumnavigation of the globe. He made four stops in his journey. Cdr. Dilip Donde’s book, The First Indian – Story Of The First Indian Solo Circumnavigation

nautical themed gift
That’s So Sailor! Nautical Gift Ideas For The Festive Season

October is a very exuberant time in India. The monsoon rain has eased in most places and the festival season is in full swing! Come to India in October and take part in events filled with lights, music, and dance.